Wireless networking

Wireless LANs offer some significant benefits over traditional LANs, including mobility and cost savings.
Here some reasons having WAN verses wired network

Wireless LAN Benefits
A-lower the costs associated with network infrastructures and to support mobile networking applications


Mobility enables users to physically move while using an appliance, such as a handheld PC or data collector. This freedom of movement results in significant return on investments due to gains in efficiency.

C-Installation in Difficult-to-Wire Areas

The implementation of wireless networks offers many tangible cost savings when performing installations in difficult-to-wire areas. The asbestos found in older facilities is another problem that many organizations encounter.
D-Increased Reliability

A problem inherent to wired networks is the downtime due to cable faults. In fact, cable faults are often the primary cause of system downtime

E-Reduced Installation Time

The installation of cabling is often a time-consuming activity. The deployment of wireless networks greatly reduces the need for cable installation,

F-Long-Term Cost Savings
Companies reorganize, resulting in the movement of people, new floor plans, office partitions, and other renovations. These changes often require recabling the network, incurring both labor and material costs

Wireless LAN Applications, Here name of few of applications.

Retail organizations need to order, price, sell, and keep inventories of merchandise. A wireless network in a retail environment enables clerks and storeroom personnel to perform their functions directly from the sales floor

Warehouse staff must manage the receipt, storage, inventory, and pickup and shipping of goods. These responsibilities require the staff to be mobile.

Healthcare centers, such as hospitals and doctors’ offices, must maintain accurate records to ensure effective patient care.
Hospitality establishments check customers in and out and also keep track of needs, such as room service orders and laundry requests.

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